Used EVC BDM100

Used EVC BDM100 programmer, includes:

  • BDM141 – BDM probe for 1.27mm pitch
  • BDM143 – BDM probe for Bosch ECUs
  • BDM144 – BDM probe for 1.27mm pitch, offset 180°
  • USB cable, ribbon cable and 12V power supply

Additional probes and frame can be provided at extra cost, please contact us for more info.

The BDM100 tool can be used to program ECUs with Motorola MPC555 – 565 microprocessors.

This generation of Motorola processors contain 448KB – 1MB Flash memory. That memory cannot be read and programmed with an eprom programmer. It is achievable using the so called “BDM” interface via the 10-14 pin programming port. Using the BDM frame and ECU specific adaptor/probe it is possible to connect to the BDM port without soldering.

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Currently these ECUs are successfully tested with the BDM100:

  • Bosch BMS-Kexample BMW K1200RS
  • Bosch EDC16 example VAG, BMW, MB, PSA
  • Bosch EDC16+ example PSA, BMW
  • Bosch EDC16+ example VAG
  • Bosch EDC7example Iveco
  • Bosch ME9.0Cexample Volvo, Ford Focus ST
  • Bosch BMWexample BMW R4 + V8
  • Bosch ME9-2example BMW BMW R4 + V8
  • Bosch ME9-3 example BMW BMW R4 + V8
  • Bosch ME9.7example MB MB 350, 500
  • Bosch MED9.1example VAG VAG 2.0L TFSI
  • Bosch MED9.5.20 VAGexample VAG 1.6/2.0L FSI
  • Bosch MED9.7 MBexample MB  C350
  • Caterpillar PPCCMF example Massey Ferguson
  • Chrysler ETC5example Chrysler 300C
  • Deere L14example John Deere
  • Delphiexample Jaguar, Ford 2.0TDCI
  • Delphi DCM3.2example MB, Kia, Ssangyong
  • Delphiexample Isuzu Dmax
  • Marelli MJD example Opel, Fiat
  • Siemens MS45example BMW 6-Zyl.
  • Siemens MSS65 example BMW M5 V10
  • Siemens MSV70/ MSS70example BMW 3.0i
  • Siemens PPD1.x example VAG 2.0 TDI
  • Siemens SID201 example Jaguar/Land Rover 2.7D V6
  • Siemens SID202example Ford 1.8TDCI
  • Siemens SID203 example Jaguar 2.7D
  • Siemens SID204example Land Rover
  • Siemens SID206example Ford S-Max
  • Siemens SID803 example Volvo Diesel
  • Siemens SIM266 example MB A200
  • Siemens SIM2Kexample Hyundai
  • Siemens SIM90E example Dodge Caliber 1.8L
  • Siemens SIM90Pexample Dodge Avenger 2.4L
  • Siemens Simos 6.x example Audi A6 2.4L V6
  • TRW EMS2example Volvo LKW, Renault LKW

This product is designed to be operated by the WinOLS software, where you can directly read/write the ECU content in bin format and edit the files freely. Access to all memories is available.

For non WinOLS users, it is also possible to read/write using the BDMtogo software, however files will be saved in an encrypted format which can only be managed and edited by WinOLS users.

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