tboot_headerMAGPro2 T-BOOT boot loader tool supports Infineon TRICORE based ECUs including the latest anti-tuning protections and all types of XROM memories: SPANSION: CD016J, CD032J and also the newest: CL016J and CL032J (until now not supported by any other tool). All checksums are calculated on the fly automatically.

T-BOOT together with other MAGICMOTORSPORT accessories launched a new quality in Tricore chip tuning:

  • No soldering (optional MAGBench with adapters: boot universal, tricore main etc)
  • No short circuits by wrong wires connection (optional ECU Connectors)
  • No problems with power supply (optional Breakbox ver 2.0: including software for monitoring of power supply, current, communication lines etc.)

The T-boot software offers automatic backup of ECU contents as well as recovery functions already seen in the X17 tool recovery functions (for example you can restart the IROM/XROM writing procedure even if it has been interrupted).

T-Boot is covered by online Tech Support through chat, email, Ticket & phone. This tool is available in Master and Slave versions. For the first year the updates and support are included in the sale price.

Supported Cars List

Contents Overview


– MAGPro2 T-BOOT interface

– Breakbox interface v1.0

– Universal BL-lines/Power cable

– Power supply adapter 220v 4A

– Software T-BOOT

– CRC Fix Software

– 1 year updates & Helpdesk access

– Suitcase


Main Software

– Intuitive software for ECU data/reading/writing/injector coding etc.

– Protocols divided by brand & model

– Additional information and connection manuals are available online

– CRC automatic is available

– Full or Data only option to save your time

– Supported by Windows 7/8/10


Breakbox & lines analyser

item 4

– Communication & power lines analyser

– Soft power up of ECU (by PWM) with short circuit detection

– Automatic ECU power ON/OFF in TC mode -Support K-Line/CAN/Power lines

– Results presented as chart and numbers

– Supported by Windows 7/8/10


Technical support – Helpdesk



Each MAGPro2 user with an active account has access to the Helpdesk system with installation/operation manuals, ECU pinouts, database of ORI files, knowledgebase etc.

Helpdesk offers also immediate contact with the Tech Support by Online Chat or Ticket System. The ticket system can be used to request services (as DPF OFF, HotStart etc) and MOD files (payable service).



Optional Accessories



To simplify our customers work we developed some advanced optional accessories:

– ECU connectors & special cables,

– BDM programmer for MPC5xx,

– BDM bench with adapters: MPC5xx and TC

– Stabilized power adapters 110/240v AC/DC.


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