WFSWe offer various Immobiliser services including:

  • Forced adaptations of immobiliser for VAG models where conventional programming is not possible. For example when an engine and ecu from Audi is fitted to a Volkswagen with Immo 3 or newer systems, matching of the ecu is not possible. We can offer forced adaptation by directly programming the immobiliser data into the eeprom memory! This is a safer alternative to “immo off” solutions and ideal for engine conversions.
  • Cloning of Immobiliser data to enable “plug and play” ecu swaps.
  • Cloning of Immobiliser data in instrument clusters.
  • Resetting of controllers to “virgin” state to allow adaption to a new vehicle.


Immobiliser Defeat when adaption not possible, for example when fitting a modern engine to older vehicle. This service can only be provided with proof of ID and ownership! 

Supported Controllers:

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