Chiptuningshop Limited specialises in the manufacture, development and supply of professional equipment and software for the Chip Tuning Industry. We have many years of experience with automotive systems, tuning and programming, so we can assist with anything from choosing the best tools to make your job easier to recovering bricked ecus.

Officially appointed as worldwide distributors for Alientech, AMT-Cartech, BitSoftwareByteShooter, CEE-Team, Dimsport, EVC ElectronicFlashtec SA, I/O Terminal Tool, InsoricMAGICMOTORSPORT, SuperVAG. and Turrin Elettronica. We can offer a wide range of Accessories which we design to make programming as simple and safe as possible.

We also offer great deals on Used Tuning Equipment and in some cases we may even buy or take your old equipment in part exchange.


We also can offer some other services including:

  • ECU Recovery for most types of ecu after programming failures including desoldering and restoring flash memory, Background Debugging and Boot Strap Loader programming.
  • Rebuilding of Flash/Eeprom dumps.
  • MEDC17 Recovery service – We can offer ecu recovery for VAG EDC17 / MED17 after bad programming or TPROT active software!
  • Various Immobiliser Services – Cloning, Defeat/Removal etc..